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Takia Jackson

Welcome to His Wife, Where Being a Virtuous Woman is a Proverbs 31 Hustle! 

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My Experience As A Wife And Mother

Being a wife and mother has taught me so many different things over the years.  Plenty of mistakes will be made, there is no way you can avoid them all, and diapers have to be changed no matter how bad it stinks! 

Managing a home, having an incredible love life, raising respectful kids, and working a 9-5( which is really a 7-11 if your’e married with children) plus SELF CARE is a never ending mountain; and you’re doing it all while keeping your faith in the forefront.  

This is what I call a Proverbs 31 Hustle! 

Marriage, Home, and Living

All Things Are Possible

Wife Life

Self Care, Self Confidence, and Everything Homemaking!

Mom Life

Family and Parenting

Business Life

Personal Growth, Planning, and Time Management